'' I have thoroughly reviewed the work of Ofobuike Okudoh, and I can say that the references to Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Italian painter, known above all for his Mannerist representations of the human face from flowers, fruits, plants, animals or objects, are constant, but made in a very contemporary way, with an agile stroke, but using precision, care is taken with the details, and all this through a chromatic range where blue predominates, in combination with violets, grays or burgundy. 

Your work is bold, extravagant but with good taste and there is imagination in it. It captures the curiosity of the viewer and also has a commercial point of view very acceptable ''

                                                                       Marta Teixidó Clavero 

                                                                       Crítico de Arte

'' I have discovered Ofobuike’s art work the same way one would be randomly attracted by a book within a bookstore, without exactly knowing why.. and the pleasure of discovering what is inside the book is even more enhanced by the fact that you did not know what to expect. 

What Ofobuike describes as his graphic work, should be read beyond the dancing of the actual lines, as while wandering through them I felt something that went beyond my taste. It was personal and universal at the same time. It felt hard and stretched, unexpected, distorted, yet joyful. A different breed of humanity reduced to its essence ''

                                         Piero Manara

                          Interior Architect/Decorator

Ofo's artworks are "unusual", extravagant, bold, yet rich in colors and touch. A deeper look at his works allows to discover a deep humanity and a superior talent. Looking forward to see more and more from this Artist!

                                                                                           Artistica Gallery

                                                                                           Fine art gallery


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